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New Year Resolutions

I recently watched a video that makes fun of millennials.. one of the lines; “starting in January I’m back on whole 30”. If you don’t know what that is, think: no sugar, no alcohol and no processed food.. basically eat as close to the ground as you can. It’s sort of torture but you end up feeling really good too. Now that we have made it through the Holidays we can get back to our “normal” nutritional routine. At least that’s what I tell myself.

While many people set New Years goals to lose weight, work out more or simply be healthier...I find it more beneficial to choose a word to focus on for the year. Something that I can wrestle with, reflect on and become. This year’s word: Present. I want the people in my life to know when I’m with them I am fully present. I’m not worried about the email I just received, the text, or what someone is saying in close proximity.. I’m completely present - listening attentively and enjoying being in the moment. I know I have a lot to learn on how to do that well, but I think it is essential for boundaries, rest and simply my well being.

We have arrived in Hope Street’s 20th year and I’m so thankful for all the men, women and children throughout the years that have chosen to be present. My hope is that we would continue to embrace each moment for what it is, a gift and an opportunity to experience his presence in the present.

Thank you Father for choosing to be Immanuel - God with us - present in every way, always. Amen - Ash

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