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Caught on Camera

I use to dread film sessions. Especially if it was one on one with the coach. It was the time where you were told exactly what you need to work on, what you did wrong and typically you had to then watch it over and over. I'm guessing the thought was that would really drill it home, which it did. My hope was always (coach too I'm sure) that I would only need to be told once and I would make the adjustment. Beyond that the whole experience teaches you to humbly enter into a moment of conflict. A moment where you don't need to defend yourself what's done is done but it's still helpful for someone to address what was done: right, wrong or indifferent.

We have 24 hour surveillance at Hope Street. Our members think they know where every camera is, but they don’t. They also don’t think we watch them as often as we do. Which is frequent. Unfortunately, the camera often shares what’s been done and what’s been done is a series of rule breaking. Whether it’s letting someone in after curfew, someone’s “guest” accidentally slept over or children are roaming the halls when they should be in bed...we address the concerns not because we want to tell people off - but, because we want to enter into healthy conversations that allow for our space to continue to be safe for everyone. While these conversations are necessary they aren’t always fun. We don’t want to have to be the “adult” or authority issuing out consequences but sometimes it’s necessary for growth.

Father, each day we are presented with choices - may we do our best to see those choices in light of what is best for us and the community we find ourselves in. Help all 45 men, women and children living at Hope Street right now see the benefit in rules that keep everyone safe. Allow us all to have grace with one another as we see how our behavior affects those around us. Give us hearts that are willing to grow and humility to hear where we went wrong.



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