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“Hope Street taught me how to grow and provides an environment for that to happen. I got my life back here and in the process was blessed with a wife too”

- George Clemes

George and Evette got married.

Both came to Hope Street with “stuff” to work through and both are leaving together with Michael as they are transplanted beyond our community.

There are lots of stories that stick out when it comes to each of these individuals, but there is one that I remember most clear. Evette had relapsed. She was asked to leave in order to receive treatment. This may seem harsh, but in this scenario parapheniala was found on site and that is an absolute no go. Her son Michael went to stay with his grandma. However, he continued to be dropped off from school at Hope Street each day where his grandma would eventually pick him up. Evette eventually completed her treatment; as a staff we had to determine whether Hope Street was still going to be the best place for Evette and her son. Michael walked into my office and said, “I need to talk to you”. Now if you know Michael he doesn’t say much, but when he does, you want to listen. Of course I said yes. He plead their case. Correction, he shared why it was essential to his growth that his family stay at Hope Street. He was 13. The one line that still rings in my head, “I know when I get off the bus and into this building I am safe. This is my home, and we want to come home.”

Father, thank you that YOU make a way for Hope Street to be home for men, women and children coming out of different areas of brokenness. Thank you for meeting people where they are at and allowing us to join you in the process. Thank you for allowing us to get a glimpse of your grace on display through second chances. Please be with George, Evette and Michael as they create a new home beyond our doors. Bless their marriage and their family as they continue to experience a life of growth and flourishing.

Amen - Ash

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