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Hide & Seek

“Everybody's addicted to something

Everybody’s gotta grip onto something

Even if it's just to feel the response of appeal

Maybe once, maybe twice

Maybe hundreds of times, hundreds of times

Without it, it's just harder to function at times

You race to the bottom of every single bottle

As if there was someone or something to find

You're struggling in your mind

And you tell yourself lie after lie

'Til you get to the point where it's no longer private

That people that you work with noticed the signs

When you walk in the room

It gets noticeably quiet

So you break up the silence, you say you've been at the gym

But the way look, can't blame on the diet

So what you hiding?”

John Doe by B.O.B.

Hide and Seek; If you were like me you counted real fast - I wanted to give people minimal time to hide. So I would count and then scream “READY OR NOT HERE I COME.”

Life at Hope Street sometimes feels like a game of hide and seek. Members go from being in your face, to doing their best to hide. It’s the hiding that is concerning. Unfortunately, it becomes very clear when someone is heading back down a road that is not beneficial for them.

So there are a few less people at Hope Street this week. The lies said, “it’s okay to keep hanging out with this crew” and “I won’t get caught, I will just do it once” ….”it’s just one rule”.

When you see loved ones in your life hiding, seek them out.

Father, we can’t make choices for people. Our part is to continue to provide an environment where it is safe for people to share their struggles. I pray that we would do just that, share our fears, hurts, struggles and temptations. I pray for the individuals and families who are not at Hope Street right now because of poor choices. I pray that they would see those choices don’t define them; but they do provide a way to go a different direction. We trust and know you continually seek us out. Thanks for that.

Amen - Ash

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