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Ugh. Do you know what I hate? Leftovers.

I don’t really recall as a kid eating leftovers, but I am pretty sure we did. I mean we did eat leftover meatloaf as a cold sandwich, but that was good. Other than that..what’s the point in eating last night's meal for the next few days? I have been notorious for ordering a meal at a restaurant, not finishing the whole meal, and then bringing home leftovers. I end up not eating the leftovers because...I don’t like leftovers. They stink up the refrigerator and then I throw them in the trash. Bye leftovers.

When I opened the refrigerator today in Apt 7, I noticed 2 very large leftover trays of mac-n-cheese from our community meal on Sunday. Ugh (insert eye roll) leftovers. Slam the door. Walk away. Super annoyed. No one is going to eat those leftovers and I’ll end up throwing them away. But now, as I type this prayer I cannot stop thinking about, leftovers. Aren’t we all kinda like leftovers? I’m like a leftover. You’re like a leftover. We are all like a giant tray of leftovers sitting in the bottom of the refrigerator of Apt. 7. Comforting?

Dear Heavenly Father,

I praise and thank you for this day. Thank you for leftovers; leftover mistakes, leftover hurts, leftover hangups, leftover scars of abuse, leftover pains of misused words, leftovers. Thank you that you give us the choice to live like a leftover or not. Thank you that you choose us each day time and time again, even when we choose the furthest thing from you. Sometimes we sit in the leftover mess. Sometimes we sit for days or months or years. But you will always be there for us when we choose to ditch the leftover life and live the one you have called us to and have prepared for us. When we throw out the leftovers, we see that we are sooooo much more than all the leftover mess. We are the first and the beloved and the chosen because we are yours.



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