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Rachael to Rachel

Servant Heart.

I’m pretty sure that somewhere in that definition you would find the name Rachael Stricker.

Just over three years ago Rach started coming down to Hope Street every Wednesday morning. She would sit in prayer: cry, share and just be. After, she would stop in my office and see how I was doing. Often she would drop off lunch. Rach has a special way of making people feel valued, often through her gift of making yummy food. Eventually she sat across from me days after I officially became the Executive Director and simply asked, “who is going to be on your team?” I recall not having a very good answer, but said I would send job descriptions her way and would appreciate any help she could offer. To my surprise, and with great joy, she came back to me and said, “I think I can do this position.”

Fast forward three years. She has allowed her heart to break for the things that break God’s, given herself space to deal with her own brokenness and done her part to ensure community is built in and around Hope Street. Rachael is a team player, a truth teller, consistent presence and a beloved member of our Hope Street family.

This next season of life will look different for Rach as she “retires” and transitions back into her home to be a more consistent presence with her girls Emma and Sarah, and husband Matt. Rachael has this to say about her time at Hope Street:


“It feels like just yesterday I stepped through the peace filled doors of Hope Street to come to my first Community Prayer. Over the past almost 3 years I have walked through those same doors and that same feeling of peace has not faded. I have needed Hope Street just as much as Hope Street “needed” me (and that is debatable). Hope Street has been a mirror, a mirror to my own brokenness and I am forever grateful for that mirror. Yes, grateful. It hasn’t always been easy to be here. When you are broken and are working with and alongside other broken people things can get messy. But Hope Street has always been and will continue to be a place where my messy is welcomed. My broken is welcomed. I have learned A LOT while being part of this community and team, and I am incredibly thankful for this community who has welcomed me.

As my kids are getting older, one going into High School next year, I feel the need to show up for them, to be present for them, and to learn who they are becoming as they grow, flourish, and transition out of our home. I am so thankful for Matt and Emma and Sarah who have supported me wholeheartedly. I pray that as Rachel transitions into this position she feels 100% equipped by God himself. She will make Hope Street an even better place where men, women, and children will continue to be able to flourish.”


While we will miss Rach on a daily basis we look forward to her continued involvement in our community. Rachael will join the Hope Street Board of Directors at the beginning of the year (January 2020) and serve on our Programming committee. You will also see her periodically around Hope Street answering phones, staging a room or her bread and butter, making a meal. This isn’t the end, it’s just different. And, as we are reminded time and time again in the GFP, different can mean better.

So we wanted to make it easy for you...Rachael has served as our Ministry Director for the last three years and now Rachel (no a) will step into that position moving forward. We are excited for Rachel Johnston to join our team and we will share more on her in the near future. In the meantime please pray for the transition. The transition for Rach as she spends more time at home with her family, and the transition for Rachel as she enters into our community.

Thank you Rachael - we love you! We know you won’t be far and we look forward to celebrating this next stage of life with you! We will celebrate the time

Rachael has served at Hope Street on Sunday, April 28th at 4:00 pm at Hope Street. We will have food, cake and of course Rachael.

Hope Street was never created to be a place that people stay at forever. The metaphor itself forces you to take a look at what your “transplant” will look like. When it will be, where it will be to, and who are you equipping to come after you.

I want Hope Street to be a place you love long beyond any one particular leader. My hope is that we paint a clear picture of the miracles, the powerful stories and the transformation that takes place on 26th and Capitol - that this place outlives us all because we continue to do our small part in bringing about human flourishing. So thank you for joining us. Know that as your role may change depending on the season of life you are in, we still consider you family and appreciate the part you play in helping people live, learn and develop new habits which allow all to flourish.

With you,



Welcome Rachel Johnston, Ministry Director!

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