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It all started with a domino.

Several years ago, I was at a women’s retreat and at the end of it all we had to set an intention for the next year by writing that intention on a domino. Mine said, “I want but am I willing.”

For a few years I had been praying that God would use me as an instrument for His kingdom, but I don’t think I actually wanted that deep down. If God was to use me in any way that would take moving out of comfort into un-comfort. Enter Hope Street.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you are an amazing God, Father, and the great I AM. Thank you that today your grace and mercy is brand new. Thank you that you listen to all the prayers of your saints and sinners. Thank you that you don’t move until we are ready to move. This month will be kinda weird as I hand over the gift you have given to me. I pray for my Hope Street team; Ash, Coop, Hannah, Thomas, Rachel, and Brooke; that they don’t just want to be at Hope Street, but they are willing to be there. I pray they “show up” day in and day out. Good days...there will by many. Bad days...there will be many more. But I pray they stay focused and their hearts beat with your words and your voice and your presence and your truth everyday. I pray they embrace the GFP and everything it has to offer them.

I pray for our Members: Amy (Jasmine), Angie (Ashonti), Van, Jazzmin (Valencia), Karey, Robie, Marilyn, April (Peace), Charles, Victor, Mark, Rhonda (Terrance & JJ), Lisa, Ouida, Tesa (JaQuay), Shelby, Jessie, Betty (Arnold), Trimeka, Nikki, Christine, and Judy. I pray, Lord, for strength, sound mind and judgement, and, most importantly, that they see themselves as you see them: your beloved son or daughter, a “chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy community, a people for (your) possession.” I pray they embrace the GFP and everything it has to offer them.

Finally, I pray that we - you and I - are good. I have no idea how I have been used for your will and your kingdom while being willing to be at Hope Street, being willing to be uncomfortable yet comfortable; but I know that my heart, my mind, and my life has been forever changed because of the Greenhouse for People at 26th and Capitol. Thank you.



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