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Lean In

Honestly, I have a tendency to withdraw. When life becomes full, heavy and hard I can get quiet and hide. God has been using these hard spaces and teaching me the meaning of 'lean in'. To lose my hesitations, to grab those moments unashamedly, and to boldly walk out his love for myself and others every single day. As I lean into hard spaces God continues to grow my trust in him and the things he is calling me to.

'Father God, I pray that you will continue to challenge our hearts to lean into what you have for us. What you have for us in each moment, throughout each day, and in the quiet spaces in between. Give us the nudge that we need when our impulse may be to withdraw. Speak to us in the uncomfortable, the uncertain, and the scary. I pray that you will use these moments to stir our affections for you in a greater way, and to grow our hearts ability to love those around us well.'



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