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I start each day with a checklist. I rarely finish the day until that list is completed. Then I’m right back at creating the next one. I met with a board member this week and he said, “I feel like we haven’t taken time to celebrate what has happened. Just a few years ago Shechem was a dream, look where we are today”.

Take a moment to CELEBRATE.

Have you ever been so caught up in the next thing that is in front of you that you forget to stop and acknowledge what’s been done? Maybe you are the boss or have a boss (like me) that is often so driven and so focused on the end goal - that the “way to go” along the way gets lost.

Take a moment, name three things you are proud to have been a part of since the New Year. Got them? Well done.

My three?

We demolished a building that will be the future home of Shechem - after purchasing that building for $1 from the city of Milwaukee. We now have a lot that will turn into a beautiful garden for people to come and experience prior to us breaking ground.

We hosted our second women’s luncheon where over 200 women gathered to hear stories of how Hope Street Cultivates Hope.

We have been at capacity in our building, welcomed home new babies, celebrated new job opportunities, sobriety milestones, grant awards, had hundreds of volunteers through our doors, seen people accept and extend forgiveness, and we have chosen to come together as a community time and time again. I take that last one for granted, but it’s the most important.

We have a lot to celebrate. I’ve done poor job of doing that along the way, my bent is to keep moving - conquer the next battle. I’m learning that it will be so much more JOYful along the way, if we stop and allow ourselves to hear well done.

Father, we thank you for the opportunity to join you in your work here on this earth. That looks different for all of us. Help us to remember what has been done and not stay so focused on what hasn’t. Give us rest and peace along the way so we can focus on what is important. I’m so thankful for all the ways you have and continue to bless Hope Street throughout the years. Thanks for the milestones - May we celebrate them and acknowledge them along the way.

Oh and Father, could you hold the rain clouds on Saturday please. We are excited to hike around in your creation for a few hours with over 230 people and we would love the bright, warm sun.

Amen. Ash

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