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Crawling Moments

Summer is one of the best times to just stop, look around, and acknowledge all that God has accomplished. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to take a walk outside. To step out into the fresh air, take in the scent of a newly mowed lawn, look at the bright blue sky, and see all of the flowers in full bloom.

In today’s society, we are constantly on the go. This oftentimes leaves us to overlook the small things in life. Sadly, this goes even further beyond noticing our beautiful surroundings.

I think back over my life these past 2 to 3 years and some of the biggest moments have been graduating college, becoming an aunt, and moving to Wisconsin. But also within this time frame my brother dunked for the first time, my nephew began to crawl, and I traveled out of the country. Most people would state that the first three moments I mentioned are life-changing experiences and I would agree. But I would be mistaken if I ignored the impact the second group of moments has had on my life. Although not as impactful upon spoken word, each has a powerful context to it. It is because of these so called “smaller” moments that we are able to grow into the people we are today and live the lives we do. To put things into perspective, typically a baby crawls before they walk. Although walking is the ultimate goal, the ability to crawl is a feat in and of itself. This idea of crawling before we walk can translate into all areas of our lives and should never be overlooked or taken lightly.

Lord, please help us to just slow down and acknowledge all of your works. Help us to understand the significance behind all of our “crawling” moments and to celebrate them. Please help us remember that those so called “small” moments whose level of importance may oftentimes be ignored or minimalized all shape our lives in one way or another. Thank you for being a father who can be seen in all aspects of our lives. And it is because of this presence that we can find comfort through every hardship and downfall, and joy in every accomplishment and victory. I pray today, Lord, that we all are able to reflect on all that you do whether that be within our lives, our neighbors’ lives, or within our environment. And whether in the moment it may seem big or small, help us to find peace knowing that it all came from a place of a love and that love is you, God.

Amen. Brooke

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