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A Dwelling Place

Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.

-Psalm 90:1

A dwelling place: In my office I have photos of my family, of current and former Hope Street members, of friends, of volunteers, of staff, there is a poem my daughter wrote, there are pictures that Kalyia & Andreia drew, one that Michelle colored, a card that Josiah made me, little notes from people saying thank you or that they were thinking of me, and all sorts of post-its with children practicing writing their name and my name, things I need to remember, and small prayers.

This space is more than an office, more than a desk, a pile of things to do and a computer. This space reminds me of the people who dwell in my heart... which, in turn, reminds me that I dwell in our Father's heart - we are all his tiny reflection.

Father God, there are so many strange things that can come out of nowhere and derail our days, our relationships, and our lives. I pray that we continue to seek to dwell in you, to have our eyes opened to your presence, your peace, and your call in each of our hearts to make you the home from which we build everything else. I pray that our men, women, children, staff, volunteers, board members, people that pray for Hope Street, and the people who support Hope Street in so many different ways know you as our dwelling place.

Amen. Coop

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