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An Invitation

“In my Father's house

There's a place for me

I'm a child of God, yes, I am”

Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship

As I think of the world around us there are so many scenarios where people are “left out”.

Maybe your daughter is disappointed because she didn't get invited to a kid in her classroom’s birthday party.

Your husband really wants to join that country club so he can golf on that super nice golf course but you just can't justify spending the money.

How does that feel? Today people like to call that feeling FOMO, but in all seriousness that feeling of being on the outside or not being included in something is not a great feeling. In a world where there are so many scenarios of people being excluded - in the workforce, school, politics, maybe even within your core social groups - there is a God who will never exclude you.

Lord, I thank you for your inclusivity. The fact that regardless of who we are, what school we went to, our social class, our race, our mistakes, our downfalls, our poor decision making You have still chosen us. You have chosen us to be a part of something wayyy bigger than ourselves and we don’t even deserve it. The fact that there is absolutely nothing we did or nothing we can do that can take that away from us either. Thank you for your invitation.




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