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Bad Days

Honestly, as I’m writing this, it is on the heels of one of my roughest days this year. One of those days where absolutely everything that you need to go right, goes completely wrong. One of those days where everything you had planned, is somehow derailed. My family was under attack, my work for the day slowly unraveled. I seemed to run into people who I felt were hired to intentionally give me a hard time. I was sleep deprived and distracted. I sat in my car, trying to figure out if I was being punished for something I’d done.

Can any of you relate? Have you had days where you wish you could hit the reset button? Days you wish didn’t happen? Days where bad news is followed by worst news? I’m sure you have, we have all had these kinds of days. Once I finally made it home, I began to reflect on the day, revisiting all of the challenges. I then began to realize that regardless of the challenges that today presented, I still have God. And because I have God, I have strength to endure. I have brand new mercy and a brand new day tomorrow. The bible says for weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. I love this scripture because it gives hope for tomorrow. I want to encourage you all, when you’re having those “cloudy skies” kind of days, to remember, you have the almighty God, and therefore you can stay in the race!

Father, I want to thank you for your everlasting love, grace and mercy. You are all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. As we face tough times, tough days, we look to you for our help and our strength. You told us that we can give you all of our cares, because you care for us. Thank you for caring for us better than we could ever care for ourselves. Thank you for giving us joy, thank you for giving us peace, thank you for giving us good thoughts and a positive attitude. You are our Father and we know that your love is always covering us, even on our worst days. Father we appreciate you, we love you and we know that we can trust you with our good and our bad. We ask that you would continue to lead us and guide us in all of our ways, so that you may be glorified in our lives. These things we pray, now and forever, in Jesus name.

Amen, DJ

(Hope Street Board Member)


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