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Before He Was Lost

Son of mine, come tell me your dreams. Father, I don't want to be a farmer; I want to see the ocean. I have dreams of sailing and seeing the world, smelling the salt, discovering new cities, meeting new people falling in love. I’m tired of being the little brother, everyone here knows me, or so they think. It's just a dream. Son of mine I want what’s best for you, how can I help? You can’t dad. Unless you gave me my inheritance now. I could pay you back. I'll make you proud of me. Son I could never be more proud of you than I am now. Your mother and I love you Where you live and what you do will never change that. Famous or dubious it doesn’t matter You are family, and always will be. Here is your inheritance, I believe in you. And never, ever, forget I will always be here for you; You are my beloved, Son

Father so often we look at what and who is before us without acknowledging what came before. What difficulties, circumstances beyond control, and innocent ideas gone awry. Help us see that in this season of nowness that we exist, in order to be clear eyed we must look back with curiosity, not ahead in judgment. Allow us the grace to be humble, and instill in us pure hearts that hate hubris. Immanuel whisper what experiences you want to share with us all. Let us see how you are before all, in all, and hold all our brokenness lovingly seeing through it to what and who we will become in your belovedness; your bride. All of us. Amen, PB (Perry Brown; Former Executive Director)


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