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Build Community

It’s September 1st! Not unlike any other year, we find ourselves wondering where did the summer go? As kids gear up for school, we embrace the new rhythms that come with a full house, new classes starting up and our biggest annual event. Last month we touched on one of our core values: Cultivate Hope. This month, we will share on another core value: Build Community. At Hope Street we are intentional about creating opportunities for people to be in community. Beyond that, to see that being in community is a good thing. It is safe to be known, and loved still - we discover this through moments of vulnerability, taking a healthy risk, being present in good and hard times with others and simply through having fun!

Our prayer this month is this: Lord, help us to live into who you made us to be, alongside of others.

Father, thank you for the community you have built on 26th and Capitol. Thank you that it is one that continually invites others in. As people walk through our doors may they feel seen, heard and loved. May they experience your presence and know that you are a good God, who has good things in store for those who love you. Father, as we literally build a community center - please keep our contractors, staff, volunteers and members safe. We can’t wait to open our doors to more people, but until that day, prepare our hearts, open our minds, and instill in us patience and your peace.

We cling to you as we rest in the spaces you provide for us. Thank you.




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