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Schools starting. Falls coming. Members have transitioned in and out of our community. Hope Street continues to grow and transform.  Change is constant.  Ever evolving.  Within the constant change, I have seen our community choose to embrace and maintain peace.  Peace within our community and peace with those around us.  Change brings growth. Peace brings an intimate closeness with God.  Often times we resist change because it brings about uncertainty, but change has the ability to bring renewed peace as we trust in Him.  

Father thank you for your peace, for your intimate care, for your refreshing of our souls and your guidance through change.  I pray you will continue to cultivate peace within the community here and in each individuals life.  I pray for Angie and Ashonti, Robie, Van, Jazzmin and Valencia, Evangelina, Mi’amor, Jayseon, Anthony and Azaira, Marilynn, Bethzaida, Karey, Duane, Normon, April and Peace, Charles, Victor, Julian, Mark, Larry, Rhonda, JJ and Terrance, Nicole, Keisha, Judy, Christine, Betty and Arnold, Shelby, Jessie, Lisa, Ouida, Tesa and JaQuay, Jamarra, Devonte, TJ, and Lebron. Thank you for being with us and for us.  

Amen, Rachel


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