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We have had a few people be asked to leave sooner than we hoped for. Unfortunately, this is just as much a part of life at Hope Street as the silly kiddos running the halls, the laughter, moments to celebrate and any of other growth moment we get to witness. Sometimes choices (bad ones) leave us with having to make a difficult decision. The good news? We still get to love people in those spaces too. Even though that doesn’t include the physical space of Hope Street anymore. Love leaves space for people to choose better in the future. It reminds people that choices don’t strip you of love or dignity - but they can change how that love is given or received. So it may be a hug in one scenario, a hard conversation the next, or distance with appropriate boundaries. None of it less loving, all of it with the intention of human flourishing.

Father, life is a full of opportunities to make good or bad choices. Your grace meets each decision with the appropriate amount of love, care and truth. We are thankful that even in the midst of consequences for some of our decisions you are still sovereign. Nothing shocks you, and therefore we can be reminded nothing, no thing, can keep us from you. Your son made sure of that, and as we “exit” the season of lent may be continually reminded of the sacrifice Jesus paid on our behalf. May it spur us on to love better, rest easy, be still, and live courageously. It is finished, and because of that we can have peace, joy and love no matter the circumstance.




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