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Community That Transcends Circumstance.

To be honest I am getting a little nervous to answer my phone these days.

Bomb threat.

Those were two new words that I had yet to experience in my time at Hope Street. Two words that quite frankly we don't have a "plan" for.

Once again, our little neighborhood was on the news for something "not good" but what you didn't see was the good happening through a community that lives there. You didn't see Julian run through the building knocking on every door, helping babies out and making sure we had everyone. You didn't see members pile into cars and re-connect down at Walgreens. You didn't see staff pull into that parking lot ready and willing to comfort, be present and help problem solve.

Here's what I know:

  1. Imago Dei opened their doors to our community; we are SO thankful.

  2. If you were to stop by you would have thought we had planned this "outing" months ago. In a situation where bad attitudes would have been understood, was a community who loves any excuse to be together.

  3. Members who needed to rest because they had work soon, found rest. Even on hard benches in the same room where "life" was happening.

  4. The kids ran around free from deadlines like bed time, laughing, racing each other, playing blocks and hammering cookies.

  5. The adults sat around tables near to one another, enjoyed watching Wonder Woman, consumed coffee, laughed and told stories.

Father, there is no explanation for the peace and joy in that room other than a deep rootedness in you. Thank you for that. Thank you for the community of people who get presence, who get showing up, no agenda just BEing. Thank you that in the midst of chaos, we can find calm. I am not sure why it seems like we have to be on high alert lately, but I trust that even in spite of that you won't leave us. We trust you.

Amen, Ash

There was no bomb, nothing was blown up, just my continual perception of how a community will respond. This community gets it; I won't take credit for that but I will add my name to the census.


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