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I can't lie, I have always been obsessed with Ashley's tattoo. A simply designed "Enough" tattoo that rests on her wrist. A word I find myself using in so many ways and in so many circumstances.

I've had enough.

There's never enough time.

Is there enough?

I'm happy...enough.

Am I strong enough?

That's ENOUGH!

Am I enough?

Am I doing enough?

And that's the short list.

But when I feel the full weight of that word, so much so that it is suffocating, I force myself to remember the other side of "enough".

The definition that is rooted in Him.

God made me therefore I am strong enough.

He will always provide enough.

Through Him there IS always enough.

He won't give me more than I can handle so how could I possibly say, "I've had enough"?

Because of Him, I AM enough.

Father God, thank you for reminding me the power of enough.

Thank you for reminding us Lord, your grace is enough.

God, YOU are enough, YOU are all we need.

Amen, Toya Washington

(Hope Street Board Member)


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