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Formation: the action of forming or process of being formed. 

No matter where you turn, you see how people are being formed before our very eyes.The yard sign. The bumper sticker. The newsSocial media. T-shirts. Flags. The podcast. The blog post. Conversations. Overheard conversations. 


Heavenly Father, 

From whom comes all good and perfect gifts. I want to yell STOP! And today I am. I am so tired of the formation happening before my eyes. I am overwhelmed. You formed the earth. The heavens. The seas. The animals. You formed man and woman in your likeness. You called it good. May we stop the formation of words, thoughts, and deeds that are anything BUT from YOU. Open our hearts. Open our eyes. Open our bibles and see that the good and perfect come from you even when things seem less than good and perfect. As we go out into the world today, allow others to see your likeness in us. In our face. In our words. In our deeds. 

Enough is enough. 



Hope Street Board Member


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