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Glasses, Scarf, Tears & Bruises

Glasses, scarf, tears, bruises. 

A few words that in the right combination of circumstances are disturbing and down right infuriating. I sat with one of the members I trust the most and my best friend, alongside one of our former members that we love dearly. She removed the barriers - and what was left, left us all quiet for some time. 

The thoughts in my head were immediately “who did this and what phone calls do I have to make to ensure it never happens again?”. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies and maybe I have absolutely no space for any form of abuse to anyone, let alone someone I know and love. I was angry. I am angry. 

In my arms rested a sweet baby boy with his namesake. I had to remind myself that there is still “good” in each of us because of who God is. I had to wrestle with the uncomfortableness of my anger shifting from the young man, to the sin, to the brokenness. This took several tries.

Here’s what I know - we don’t ever want to believe we are too far out of reach for God’s grace. I don’t ever want to sit in judgement on someone’s behavior even if I believe I have the right solution. This is my prayer: 

Father, forgive us. Forgive us for the sin that doesn’t leave physical marks, but does become blatantly obvious to you. Forgive us for our thoughts that think less of others, demonize and destroy. Those aren’t your thoughts. You ask us to love beyond reason, would you please help us do that? Would you please soften our hearts so that we are prepared and willing to help whoever you bring through our doors. Help us not to judge or place people in categories. Show us how to walk humbly, love mercy and act justly. You are good. Help us see you, in your precious creation. Lord, lastly, anger is OK when pinned at the right thing, help me with that. 




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