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God, Be Our Light

A Prayer from John 1:5-2:11

God of light, reveal in us the things that need to grow, to change and to be restored. Expose in us the things we do not see and also those we resist to see. May we refrain from walking in the darkness of disillusionment, self-centeredness, shame, and fear. Prevent us from remaining in the hiding place, complacent ignoring what ought to change or cleanse from within us. Help us to live in the reality of what is true and authentic by walking in the light. 

Challenge us to walk in the light of Your character, O God. Lead us down the path you have set before us. The path that expresses the goodness of your love, the intended order of your creation, testimonies of your faithfulness and promises of hope. God help us to recognize our need for you. May we not misjudge and settle to our own understanding, but pursue what is known and visible in your light. Would we know our own limits, areas we need to confront and confess. As a response then commit ourselves to lamenting our wrongdoings and learning from our mistakes. 

Gracious God, we ask for you guidance as we attempt to walk rightly with you. Let our feet step forward, emboldened by the work of your Spirit. May we not be the same tomorrow as we are today. Transforms us, O God, so that we might be agents of change in our community for the sake of the Gospel. May your love overflow compassionately with those we encounter.

God, let us not forget the starting place, being intimately connected to you. Teach us how to remain secure in your love, confident that we bear the name “beloved” by you. Thank you for wanting a relationship with us, repaired by the gift of your son, Jesus. May we never take you for granted. Renew in us a heart eager to be filled by you alone. 

Guide us, O Lord. Be our light. Teach us, cleanse us, and empower us to do you will.



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