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Good Things Continue to Happen.

Yesterday, Ashley and I (Hannah) were walking down the stairs after having a few hard conversations. 

“Awh look. The daffodils are up.” 

We looked outside at the courtyard where daffodils were planted last year. They were in full bloom. How did that happen? When?

By no doing of our own, good things continue to happen. 


I’m not sure what it was. Maybe it’s that spring doesn’t really feel like spring this year. Our normal ques are off. Driving past an empty stadium parking lot, Easter dinner outside with just three of us. Celebrating my step mom’s birthday by video call. It all feels off. And yet there are many things that are the same. These things are an invitation to remember a bigger, fuller picture. Life before. Life present. Life after. 

Our Father is at work creating beautiful things year after year. While we toil, while we plan, life continues to happen and it reminds me of a world listening to Someone much greater than us.


THANK YOU that you are taking care of things that never breach our minds day to day. We don’t have capacity for that. You give us capacity for today, trusting that you really are paying attention, to the big thing and to the details, simultaneously. Thank you Father that you use simple things to remind us of mystery. You are so creative. Beyond any definition we have for creativity. I’m sorry Lord that I ever doubt this. I know I do, it’s probably why I’m having a moment of “awh” about a perennial coming up. Yet, I think it’s a gift and a reminder of humility. You give us many reasons to trust. Your character is a firm foundation. One we can stand on year after year, decade after decade.  

I pray that you would continue to instill hope in us Lord. That as we rest under the protection of The Greenhouse for People, that you would develop our capacity for hope. That, like a vine, this hope would reach the city, the suburbs, the countryside. It has no limit. Our Vine is far reaching. Connecting Judy with her co-workers, Juan with his kids and grandkids, Victor with his friends, Ouida with city leaders and me with my family. Uproot shame and plant in us the really really good reminder that we have divine dignity. Rich in goodness. 

I love you Lord. Thank you for always, no matter what, loving me.

Amen, Hannah


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