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Unmerited, unknown, un-understood favor.

Grace is often described as unmerited favor. But i know Grace and she is deep. There were many things I learned from her the day I took this picture on September 17, 2012, but I also learned I didn’t really know how much Grace I needed. And later I would find out that much about Grace would remain un-understood. I married Grace. Grace trusted me, and I trusted her. But Grace and I have been through some serious things, and that is when you find out. You find out how much you want Grace. And how much she has been through, but she still wants to be known, to be seen and understood despite the truth some of her will always be un-understood, unknown, and most definitely unmerited favor. You may be wondering am I talking about a person, or grace... I wonder why you imagine grace exists outside humanity and the One whose image Grace bears.

Gracious, Glorious, God we are yours. We do not deserve, know, or understand all that you are. But we do know you are, because you said, “I Am”. In Grace, we see your beauty, your kindness, your depth, and it gives us hope. Hope that transcends our social distancing, the falling stock market, and no toilet paper at Pick N Save. May we have the Grace to be still. To rest in the midst of no school, lost income, drama mamma lama’s, and even the suffering of others. Grace to resist solving all the problems, Grace to imagine we actually don’t know better, Grace to simply be... with... Grace.

Amen, Perry.


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