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Hands and Feet

I have never been much of a plant person. I love the way they look. I appreciate their beauty and different purposes that each serves, but I definitely do NOT have a green thumb. I have somehow managed to even kill succulents. Something I did not even realize was possible. However, one thing I appreciate almost just as much as I do the plants themselves are those who can care for them. Those who somehow bring a plant back to life with the right amount of watering and sunlight. There are some people who can simply look at a plant and right away tell you exactly what it is that they have been missing. They see the plant and don’t look at it as hopeless and throw it away but instead take the time to nourish it and give it the proper treatment that it yearns for.

Something I have always appreciated about Hope Street is that we never look at something (or in this case, someone) as hopeless. We never just “throw away” or give up on people. No plant (or individual) lacks the ability to truly be brought back to life. This was fresh on my mind as we recently had a former member move back into Hope Street. This young girl, mother of 2, left Hope Street a couple of years ago and found herself in an abusive relationship, smoking to ease her pain, and no real answer as to how to get out of her current situation. Internally, she was wilting. I will never forget the look on her face the day she moved in. Her eyes were wide open, mouth had the biggest smile and she gave me a hug. There was so much light within her.

Lord, thank you for allowing me to be a part of a place that allows people to grow. A place where You provide for and nourish PEOPLE. I am so grateful that You, Lord, know all that we need and you continue to work in and through others to be Your hands and feet. Lord, I thank you for all of our supporters, our volunteers, staff and members of this community who all play a role in this Greenhouse for People.




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