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He is in Control

Every morning myself and some others on staff receive a text message from one of our members. And every morning it starts the same: “Praise, the Lord! Good morning and Happy (whatever day it may be)”. I always look forward to these messages for one of two reasons. For one, hearing those words is such an uplifting way to start the day. The biggest one for me is reason number 2. Every text I have received so far has in one way or another also stated “I pray that God will remind you that He is ultimately in control”. I don't know about you, but hearing those words is one of the best reminders - especially when just starting your day out. It is easy to start the day with a million thoughts and worries running through your mind of what needs to be done or what is to come. For some that may be bills needing to be paid, anxiety over a work deadline that must be met, or even just making sure your kids get to school on time (whether that be virtually or in person). Today, whatever that worry, anxiety, or struggle may be for you, remember, God is ultimately in control. Father, thank you for being our rock. I pray that each and every one of us can rest in knowing that YOU are in control. I pray that we can let go of our worries, our anxiety and our stress and turn to you. Let us lean on you. Father, I thank you for using your children to help remind others that it is YOU who we can trust our lives to. Amen, Brooke


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