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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home. After a weekend away, or a family vacation, you may walk in the door and say, or even feel this expression. For some, our home IS a sweet home. For myself growing up, it was. Home was a place of safety and comfort. Home had a nice soft bed and dinner on the table at 6pm with my family. Home was filled with family and friends. Even though home for me was sweet, it is not always that way. For some, home could be a place of fear. A place where people know they should be loved and are not. A place of abandonment, shame, destruction. Take a moment, close your eyes, say quietly to yourself “Home Sweet Home” and take in the experience of where you are.

Now, erase that image and hear this one. Our Father’s house is a home we are all invited into. It’s a different kind of home. It is not a physical home, but a relationship. A home where you walk in the door and Jesus meets you with open arms. It’s a home where everyone has a place at the table and there is enough food to go around. Our Father’s home is open and honest. Real conversations can happen here and grace is extended and shame does not exist. In this home, we experience true, authentic love from our Father. A place has been prepared for you. Welcome home. Home sweet home.

“My Father’s House has many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2




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