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This past Sunday I was listening to Pastor Jon at MIX Church cover the topic of Avoiding the Issue. This message hit home for a lot of reasons, but one particular statement he made was “Impatience is what you do when you don’t want to be present. Impatience is action not emotion.”

Read that again.

Think about that….

Think of a time in your life that you were impatient.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of a number of times. Times when my impatience led me to miss out on the goodness of now because I was too focused on what is to come.

“Impatience is action not emotion.”

You can actively be present just like you can actively choose to not be present.

At Hope Street, we value presence. Staff, volunteers, donors, and members alike actively choose to be present and a part of this community each and every day. Yes it is a choice and yes it involves physical action to be willing to listen, be, and join in a community that is both messy yet very beautiful.

Lord, today I ask that we all make the active choice to be present - to focus on the here and now - to find and rejoice in the goodness of this very moment. Lord, I thank you for this team that I get to be a part of, the AMAZING volunteers we have, our members and donors all who have made a choice to be present here at Hope Street. Making this choice may not always be easy - that mess I referred to earlier can cause heartbreak, unrest, and discomfort, but within that is this great opportunity to be a part of a community like many have never experienced before. Lord, thank YOU for being present with us. May we be more like you - actively choosing to be both patient and present every day!

Amen, Brooke Thomas

(Hope Street Staff Member)


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