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Inches to Feet

When we were children, oftentimes we got measured up against a wall to see how much or if we had grown. Sometimes it seemed like we never grew (not even an inch), until one day we just hit that growth spurt, and we grew out of nowhere. Sometimes that inch and sometimes inches into feet.

Now let's think about how this applies in our lives. Is this not sometimes how we grow? Does it not seem that on some days we are just standing still? Well that is when we trust Jesus. The same way we open up our mouths to ask Jesus to grow us physically is the same way that we can ask him to grow us spiritually. I encourage everyone reading this to open up your hearts and mouths and call on Jesus, and watch how you will go from inches to feet. No matter where you are in your life right now, just call on him. Call on him, trust him and watch how he grows you. If you want to know Jesus and all that he is, call on him and I guarantee you will flourish (grow) beyond your own understanding. Amen, Rhonda (Ministry Director)


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