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Jamarra's Story

I was at a shelter on Ogden a couple years ago. Our Case Worker gave us the option to check out Hope Street. I came in and it was beautiful. I did the application and Rachael accepted me.

I did not like the rules at first. I did not think I was going to be able to deal with them. I hated those Sunday meetings in the beginning. I was already out for the day and I’d have to come back. It was a nuisance to my day. But when I was down there, those meetings really helped me to get to know people, people’s stories, people’s love. I just felt overwhelming love. It hit me hard. I got to know the Hope Street staff. My kids and I got so much love from the other members and staff. I got help. Ashley always made it known that she was there to help if I needed it.

I started going to outings we have here, like going to the lake or bowling or the picnic. The picnic was bomb. It was amazingly nice. I just showed up and got to be a part of something. Now, I clean for Hope Street too. It makes me feel a part of Hope Street, like I’m really a part of something here.

Everything has changed in me because I know Hope Street. My outlook on my life is new. I got to go back to school. I’m starting a business. I stopped doing things because I’m here, I stay away from things like gambling and partying. Being here makes you feel like you can do something greater than the stuff you would do if you were in the outside world.

My kids love it here. They are trying to do way better. They are trying their hardest to do better in school, better as individuals. They want to be good. They are always trying to get involved in everything at Hope Street, to hang out with volunteers or go on trips. I am just so happy we came to meet everybody and be a part of it. I can’t see my life any other way. I wouldn’t trade this for the world. I don’t know what I’d be doing without Hope Street.

You’re gonna love it here. The rules might seem sucky, but you’re gonna feel the love, get the resources they have to offer. There are so many classes, resources, activities that they’ll invite you into. You’ll get help to get on your feet. Help you with your education. Give it a try yourself. If you come to volunteer here you are gonna be appreciated with so much love that you’re always gonna wanna come back. I love Kim. That’s my best friend. She doesn’t know she’s my best friend but I love her.

I was at Walmart and ran into a pastor and got to talking. I said, actually you know what, you should come to Hope Street. We have a Sunday Community Meeting every Sunday with a speaker. You should come speak your ministry to our ministry. Share yourself with us. I want other people to know this place.

-Jamarra Eichelberger

(Hope Street Member)

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