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Joy in the Midst of Chaos.

I think it is safe to say we are all waiting for the day that things can return to “normal”. March quickly took a turn that I could have never for seen. The month started off just about as “normal” as I could’ve asked for. I started off the month getting to celebrate my birthday with family and friends. The following weekend I took a trip to Nashville with my closest friends. The weekend after that I returned to Michigan to spend time with even more of my friends! For me, March seemed to be headed in such a positive direction.  It is strange, sad, and a bit confusing to see where our country stands today. It’s sad how all of our lives have somewhat been flipped upside down in a matter of days! Individuals are working from home, many have lost their jobs, the stock market has dropped tremendously, and some are loosing their life over a sickness that is still so unknown.  The biggest struggle for me has been to not get fully consumed by the negativity that swarms this pandemic we are facing. News outlets are constantly reminding us of lives lost, our economy taking a huge hit, and how hospitals don’t have enough masks, etc. Don’t get me wrong, this is all very important information for us to be aware of, but it also can be draining to continue to hear what is going wrong in our world! I say this because there is still so much good.  Over these last couple of weeks I have noticed more people outside walking and riding their bikes, communities coming together to support their local businesses, individuals leaving positive notes in chalk on the sidewalks for others to read, and stores creating designated times for the elderly and at risk to shop for their personal safety. These may all seem “small” in the grand scheme of all that is currently going on at the moment, but these are the things I wish we could begin to focus on. Father, thank you for allowing there to be joy in the midst of this chaos. Thank you for allowing us to use this time to realize all of the things that we once took for granted. Thank you that families are now able to have more time to gather, share a meal, or a walk around the neighborhood. It is in these moments, Lord, that I pray we are able to turn to you and praise you, recognizing that even in the midst of this storm, you are still with us! I pray that we can all begin to find the positives in these moments that seem to be consumed by negativity. Thank you Lord for your never-ending presence. Amen, Brooke.


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