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Kids Being Kids

“Hope Street is Family” - Davonte; 16

“Hope Street is a place you never ever, ever want to leave.” - Terrance;15

“Hope Street is a blessing.” - Shaniah; 11

Last Thursday, a group of our teenagers joined us for our Women’s Luncheon. Upon walking into the room I immediately heard, “Ms. Ashley I thought this was going to be a few people, this is a whole concert”. It wasn’t a concert, but it was a room full of 200 women ready and willing to learn, and hear how God had been at work since the last time we gathered in person exactly a year ago.

I remember Hope Street pre-kids. It was beautiful, messy, dramatic and hard at times to get past the “childlike behavior” of adults. If we are honest, we all have those moments. As I have watched kids become a part of our census - I have watched how God has used their ability to accept, have fun, welcome and simply bless the entire community. Our kids run the halls, give hugs, fill the air with their giggles and are extremely competitive (especially if you put a pack of uno cards on the table). Many have lived hard lives, experienced things we cannot even begin to conceive and yet, here at Hope Street they have managed to feel safe again, to know they are loved and have become their parents biggest cheerleaders as each continues to live, learn and develop new habits. Here, everyone can grow. That’s always been the goal, last Thursday was reminder that that prayer has been answered. Our kids are thriving.

Father, we know every good and perfect gift comes from above. Everything we have, is yours. The building you have blessed on 26th and Capitol is your home too. Thank you for allowing your spirit to roam the halls, to bring a peace beyond our understanding and to transform your children into peace-filled, joy-filled, love-filled and grace-filled beings. Thanks that all those things can transcend our own drama, brokenness and simply mess.Thank you for the gift of children. Thank you for reminding us and teaching us more about you through them. Give us childlike faith and open our eyes to see people they way you see them.

Amen, Ash

P.s. You can watch this year's Women's Luncheon by following this LINK. Simply enter your name and email address and hear from our kiddos what life at Hope Street is like :)


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