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Learn, Relearn, Repeat.

“.....Because one day, I believe, I’ll need to ask you for the same when my light goes out.”

The deepest sense of growth is a willingness to learn, relearn, and learn again. 

This week I witnessed a beautiful conversation. One member’s “light” appeared out. After hearing a lot of bad news, we could all tell there was light missing from his face. 

Another member stepped in and said something and reminded him that the same advice she was giving him, she may need from him one day.

Thank you Lord that growth doesn’t mean we arrive. Rather, we have the opportunity to learn what you have for us just for today. Thank you Father that our greatest hope is being pointed to you. Your truth is our hope and Your truth is what we have the opportunity to share. Thank you for a community that reflects this and reminds us that when we feel failure, it is just one more step in experiencing refinement. 

Thank you Lord. The way you have it planned is so good.

Amen. Hannah


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