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Look in the Mirror

What is the difference between a rearview mirror and your front windshield?

Your rearview mirror is designed for you to look at what is behind you

(or where you’ve been).

That’s why it is so small because you are to only glance so you remember where you have been.

Your windshield is for you to pay attention to the road ahead and all of it’s twists and turns.

That’s why your windshield is a lot bigger than your rearview mirror so you don’t miss anything and you pay attention.

From 2019 to 2020, I definitely got the chance to see where I had been as well as being able to pay attention to where I am going.

This is all thanks to the Lord above who removed all of my sadness, darkness and negative people from my life and replaced them with positive, loving and nurturing people who are my community/ family that is known as Hope Street.

What do you see when you look in your mirrors?

For me I am done looking behind. I’m just looking forward to what awaits me in 2021.

Lord, I thank you for bringing me through another year. Thank you for the road that brought me to Hope Street, the road that I overcame in order to become the woman, mother, friend, member, and staff member that I am today. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for your peace.

Lord, I ask that you continue to open our eyes, our hearts and minds. Continue to help us to hear what you are telling us, and to see what you want us to see.

Because I am who God says I am.


Mama Rhonda


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