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Make Each Moment Last

When I'm scared about the future

When I'm running from the past

When I’m restless in the present

Trying to make each moment last

When the fear of having nothing

Steals all my hopes and dreams

Remind of the promise

Lord help my heart believe

Your watching over me.”

-Jason Upton, Watching Over Me


Recently I had the opportunity to go to the Grand Canyon. It was on a whim. My family and I planned to snowboard in Flagstaff but there was very little snow and way too long of a line.

We drove 75 miles northwest to be in awe of a giant hole in the earth. It was incredible.

Walking into the park I knew that we were on a time crunch. The world stops when the Packers play. Did you know that? I don’t get it, but I know many people do.

We took a few pictures and the leader of the pack (whom I shall not name but resembles a man whose name starts with “J” that I’ve called “Dad” for 31 years) hurried us along. Click, click, let’s keep it moving.

We got back in the car and found ourselves at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to watch the Packers.

I was so bummed I cried.

I cried because I know how fragile life is. I cried because while I “have my whole life ahead of me,” none of us really do. I cried because I might never be able to see the Grand Canyon again.

I was, as Jason Upton sings it, restless in the present trying to make each moment last.


Father, when our focus is on the past, on the present, or on the future, our eyes aren’t resting on You and everything seems out of line. When our gaze is on You, you pull together our past and present as it was and is and allow us to step into our future with You, together.

Thank you Father that life isn’t about gathering moments for our happiness in the present. It’s not about learning gratitude or being thankful for our past. Even in those things, we become immersed in now and it is heavy. You seemingly put all things into perspective when we simply position ourselves in the light and rest in You. Your light. You are light.

Thank you Father that deep and true joy can be experienced gazing at Your beautiful creation. Your beautiful creation in Arizona. Your beautiful creation on the corner of 26th and Capitol. Where you are present, there is abundance of joy. Abundance of perspective. Abundance of contentment. Thank you Father that Your ways are not our ways and that there is an all together different way in You.

Amen, Hannah


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