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Member or Resident?

Is it member or resident? I think our staff as a whole is asked this question often. You will hear our community intentionally refer to those living within this building as members. Why? Because each is a member of our community. Yes, each is a resident too - residing in this space, yet there is something warm and welcoming to this word. The key reasoning behind this is in the definition itself. Member can be defined as a person belonging to a particular group. Hope Street is a space where all belong - no matter your brokenness. Here, you can belong and be a part of a community that loves you regardless of your past and regardless of your current circumstances. Lord, we are just so grateful for this space so many call home. We thank you that men, women, and children from many walks of life, trauma, addictions, etc. can all gather in one space and know that they belong here - that each is a special part of this community. Lord, I thank you for Ms. Rhonda who oversees our intake and membership process. I just pray that you continue to give her the wisdom and discernment on who is ready Lord - ready to make a change in their life and enter into this space where they too can admit their brokenness alongside our current members, volunteers, staff and donors. Lastly, Lord I just am so excited about Shechem! I’m so grateful that you have made this vision a reality! I am thankful that this community center will allow us to grow our member census - for there to be this brand new space where more people can enter into your goodness and experience change! God I ask that this new space be a place where all who enter feel welcomed and loved just by simply walking through the front door. We thank you Lord - thank you that you allow us to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. We owe all that and more to you! Amen, Brooke


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