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Moving Parts

People say life seems to go faster as you get older. We have the same amount of time, it just suddenly feels like days are hours, and weeks are days. Things change and evolve around you, and if you aren’t paying attention - a whole lot happens and you miss out on it all. If you are someone who has major FOMO (fear of missing out) or maybe the opposite a desire to be in control, this can all be terrifying. We can’t slow things down, but we can slow down. We can embrace life and all it’s moving parts - and take each step with grace, and anticipate a future that’s different, and more Hope filled. Our current circumstance doesn’t have to set the tone for what’s to come, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have to wade through the now. To feel. To embrace. To struggle. To let go. To simply surrender to Him, daily, sometimes moment by moment. There’s my stream of thoughts for the day. A series of moving parts woven in between my personal reality and the reality of so many members at Hope Street. Life is complicated and beautiful all wrapped up in one. You can be in the best season of your life, and simultaneously witness or experience deep brokenness. It’s all always moving, where are you going to land? Lord, please still the waters. That’s always our prayer. But if it’s not the time to still the waters, can you please still our souls? Can you give us unshakeable faith in who you are, and what you say is true of us. Anchor our beings firmly in you; so that as the world around us moves, we may be tossed and turned, but we won’t be lost. Nothing is ever too big for you. Thanks for listening to our random thoughts, questions, desires, fears and everything in between. We trust you. We love you. Amen. Ash


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