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My Feel Good List.

There isn’t a lot of “feel good” energy out there today. Our routines changed. We were collectively weighed down and left to deal with it detached from one another. Now, it’s easy to feel alone. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with today’s burdens. 

But, God will take on even our heaviest burdens. He loves us so much that He takes on the weight of each of us and all of us. It’s hard to feel alone knowing that. We are oh so supported by God, and still His load is light. 

Jeremiah 17:7 says, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.” Father, I pray that you open our eyes, so we can see you more clearly. With you our burdens are light and we can feel your grace. We can feel good. 

Here is my feel good list, not because I think you’ll be wildly inspired by things that make me happy, but because I think we should be sharing with each other the good in our lives right now. Because I think we should count our blessings. 

Lakes and trees and prairies

My dog (and my cats)

Zoom parties, friends, and family

Take out food!!

Sitting in a lawn chair in my backyard

Running, walking, and rollerblading

A comfy, cozy couch and a Netflix series

Easter leftovers

Devotional and journaling

Facetime and phone calls

Finishing projects

The birds returning from a winter away

People supporting others- jeez, people are good

Spotify, huge speakers, and dancing

Thank you Lord for taking my anxieties, for keeping some normalcy and helping me to find the good. 

Amen, Kendall.


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