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New Year, New You

This is the time of year that we hear about people’s new routines, good intentions for leaving behind old habits and ambitions to be someone NEW, healthier, more present…insert goal here.

While we love a good fresh start, we don’t have to wait until we ring in a new calendar year. It turns out most people get tired of their new well thought out goal before the month is out. Why? Because we fail. New habits take time to form, and we often find every excuse to not have enough time. BUT the good news is we serve a God who is well aware of our shortcomings, and chooses to give us Grace each morning to live in the present, to love others today, to be made new today, to step out in faith…Today. So wherever you are on your journey in the New Year, I would encourage you to remain rooted in Him and start over with Him this morning as He has given you the Grace to abide in Him…Today.

Lord, thank you for your gentle reminders. Give us a moment, right now to stop and acknowledge the grace you have given us to live inside your will today. We can’t go back, and we don’t get a sneak peak at tomorrow - but we can be transformed in the renewing of our mind, body and spirit by remaining firmly rooted in you. So, live and move, in and through us. Thanks for choosing us, each and every moment of the day. May we be relentless in our pursuit of you.




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