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Not a Baseball Fan

I have been told that it is sort of “unamerican” - to not like baseball. It’s not that I don’t think baseball players are incredible athletes - they just don’t do what they do fast enough to keep my attention. So when it was suggested that we put together a night for our members to go to the ball game, I thought can’t we just wait until the Bucks start back up? 

Monday night we had 30 “members” of our community at the Brewers game. We went early to tailgate, we enjoyed (LOTS) of really good food, played corn hole, wrestled on the grass (kiddos), listened to music and laughed. Lots of laughter. These moments were gentle reminders of how important it is to create time and space for people to simply have fun. 

At the end of the night, I smiled and thought that was the best baseball game I have ever been to. I don’t know what happened in the game. What I remember was kids holding hands walking to the stadium, Mark dancing to the music, Dawn pulling out one last treat for everyone to share, lots of smiles and lots of laughter. My favorite part the next morning: Did you have fun last night? “I had a blast”. I still don’t care for baseball, I probably won’t rush out to go again anytime soon, but I know any excuse to be with my people is some of the best time spent.  

Father every good and perfect gift comes from you - thank you for the gift of community. Thank you for the ways you have knit our stories together. Thanks for the Hope Street crew, it is one of my favorites and I am proud to be a part of it. Last but not least, may we be intentional about creating more time and space to simply have fun. When we haven’t done so, please remind us. 

Amen, Ash


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