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I have probably mentioned this before, but I am a big fan of watching The Kardashians. Yes, I follow almost every sister on social media and tune into their show each week (or binge watch a whole season when it is over). However, there is a reason I bring this up! One of the sisters, Kylie Jenner, has a daughter named Stormi. Recently there were videos going viral of parents testing their child’s patience. Kylie had Stormi participate in this trend. She told her she could have 3 pieces of candy upon Kylie returning from the bathroom. The video is honestly one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Stormi is sitting there staring at the bowl of candy and begins to sing “patience, patience, patience”. If you have not seen this, I suggest looking it up! Anyways, while watching this video I found myself in awe of how cute it was but also how amazing it was to see this young child actually patiently waiting for her mom to get back to have candy. She could have snuck a piece while she was gone and her mom would never have known, but instead, she chose to sit there patiently (and anxiously) until she returned.

For those familiar with enneagram, I am a 9. 9’s are often known for their patience. Ironically, I find myself being quite the opposite of patient on many occasions, especially as of late. I mean I can’t be the only one who gets annoyed being stuck behind a slow driver or gets irritated because their Uber eats order is now 20 minutes past the delivery time. It’s funny because a lot of people would say that I am patient. However, I find that this is how I outwardly portray it. Internally I am feeling quite differently.

Lord, today I ask that we all exhibit patience. May we release that sense of anger, irritation, annoyance, frustration, and anxiousness that hinders us from being able to live out that patience. In those moments that we find ourselves lacking patience, may we just stop and pray that you give us the tools to overcome these feelings. Father God, I think of all the times I personally, and we probably all, have become impatient. May each of us learn from these moments. Lord, I think of all the times you have been patient with us and the many times that we have been impatient with you - waiting for a prayer to be answered - whether that be to heal a loved one, establish financial security, find a home, etc. To each this may look different, Lord, but you know where we have fallen short and today, I ask that we be reminded that your plan and your timing is the ultimate time and plan. May we lean on you and look to you in all things we do.

Amen, Brooke Thomas

(Hope Street Staff Member)


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