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Every month our staff is blessed to have the opportunity to meet with Pam who walks us through some helpful tools for team building and individual growth both within the workplace and our daily lives. Most recently we reviewed a tool called the 5 Gears Tool. It emphasizes the 5 different “gears” that you are in at any given day or throughout the week. To break this down a bit, these gears are in reference to 5 modes: Focus, Task, Social, Connect, and Recharge. One thing that stood out the most in our conversation is the importance of establishing time to recharge in your daily life. We all have heard the phrase “recharge your battery” and this is not just in reference to your phone or your laptop. Just like both of these items need to be recharged in order to properly function, we too need to be intentional about recharging our own personal battery. The best part about this is this process is unique and could look very different for each one of us. For some, recharging may be taking a long walk or bike ride, for others it's reading a good book, enjoying a cup of coffee, or doing some yard work. The importance is that we all find what is life giving for us and can recharge our battery. Doing so not only replenishes us but allows us to fully engage in the other gears as well. Think about it this way, you just woke up and have not had your cup of coffee yet. It more than likely is going to be difficult for you to jump right in and be in focus mode getting work done OR you only got two hours of sleep last night and your friend wants to meet up for coffee to discuss a difficult situation. You probably are going to struggle being fully present in the conversation and offering any advice. 

Lord help us to find what recharges our batteries. I pray that we all can be more intentional towards taking time throughout the day to do these things, Lord, in a world where we often are “too busy” and constantly on the go. Thank you for creating each of us to be different and allowing each one of us to have our own unique battery recharger. One that we can do on our own or even share with others. Father, please help us to stop making excuses towards doing these things. Help us to stop saying “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll do that later” and just take the time to pause and do whatever it may be right here and right now

Amen, Brooke.


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