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Rhythm of Grace

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Walk with me and work with me…learn the unforced rhythm of grace

Matthew 12:28 MSG

One of the many things I love about my team is that we keep it real. It’s safe and OK to admit when things aren’t going well. So when a member of the team yesterday expressed through tears feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck at work…we listen, comfort and pray. We have all been there. You don’t work at Hope Street for any period of time without eventually being worn down by the pace, burdens of people and never ending “work” to be done. I think it’s often the warning sign that our rhythm is not sustainable.

So we pause, we discern, we pray for wisdom on what the next best steps forward are. Over the years I have found He answers time and time again, I haven’t always liked the answer - but I have found healing, renewal and a rhythm that my heart rejoices in. This is something we all benefit in as we maneuver through the different venues and communities we are a part of. We can “learn the unforced rhythm of grace”.

Father, with a new calendar year comes the opportunity to reset. I pray that we find a healthy rhythm to live into. Leaving grace for days that require a faster pace, and an extra dose of grace for the days that require us to be still. Help us to prioritize the things that matter most. Help us discern the difference between those things that give us life, and those that drain us. May we be just as intentional about being poured into as we are about pouring out. Please help my team establish sustainable rhythms that empower us to live out your will in our work space, homes and places of recreation.




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