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Staff Meeting

Cultivate Hope: Disrupt old toxic thoughts with new Christ-centered ones.

Every Tuesday at 10 AM, my team meets together at the table in Apt. 7. It’s our collective time each week to touch base, share stories, celebrate victories and express concerns. But before we get there we open with prayer.

In my opinion it’s always a great gift to hear people’s hearts and words out loud to our Father. Sometimes we chuckle, sometimes we proclaim “amen” and sometimes there are tears…sometimes those tears are more like sobs. The best part? It is a safe space for any and all of that to happen.

Praying out loud can be uncomfortable. Feels like you should have the right words to say. We have learned that the right words, and emotions are the real ones. I’m so grateful for a team that loves our Father and each other enough to do just that.

Lord, you don’t ask us to come to you all tidied up, and besides we couldn’t no matter how hard we try. Help us to keep that in mind as we share with you our requests, praises and raw emotions. Lord, there is a lot to celebrate in and around Hope Street and we praise you for that. We also, ask for your comfort as we step into the daily messy situations that can attempt to steal our joy. Last, but not least may we never stop weeping for the things we trust and know break your heart too. We love you Father, thanks for reminding us of that love. Especially when it comes in the form of people.




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