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Thank You God

How many of us stop to thank God?

I have learned to thank God each and every day, from my waking up, and again before I close my eyes to sleep.

How glorious is it to sleep, and then to be awakened by God (because he is in fact putting us to sleep, and then waking us up)?

Who else can do this but God?

I thank him in the morning and I thank him at night. I thank him for all things that he has created and all things to come.

See we are always in a hurry and he has his ways of slowing us down.

So let us say this prayer in the morning and again before we go to sleep:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for waking me up in sound mind and body.

Thank you for the ability to go about my day because only you know Lord what my day will be, so I thank you in advance.

Lord, please guard my mind, my tongue, and my feet as I move through my day.

In your name we pray,

Amen, Mama Rhonda


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