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The Details

We are just over 2 months away from opening Shechem’s doors to the public for the very first time. 2 months. 2 months to finalize decor and furniture. 2 months to ensure we have volunteers and have the right partners in place to facilitate classes and resources. 2 months to purchase basketballs to make sure our kiddos are ready to go when they want to shoot some hoops. 2 months to make sure tv's are installed properly, sound systems and the list goes on. Your first thought is probably why did you wait till the last 2 months to do these things? Don’t worry, we didn’t and there have been conversations and meetings taking place for months and years in relation to a variety of these tasks. However, the point behind me saying this is this process has not been easy. There are a lot of details that have to take place in order for this brand new building to come to life - details that quite frankly may have not originally crossed our mind. This whole process has me in awe when I think of how much goes into creating and operating this ONE building and God created ALL that is. He thought through every detail - every color, every texture, taste, and smell. Each detail has a purpose. The same is true at Shechem!

Lord, I am so thankful for your creation - for every detail that you put into creating each and every one of us and all that is around us. I thank you for this opportunity to be a part of Shechem, Lord. I ask that Shechem be seen for what it is and will continue to be, Lord - a place of hope, a place of refuge and a place for ALL to be in community with one another. Lord, I just pray that the details shine through - that their purpose does not go unseen or unheard, but most importantly, Lord, I pray that YOU are seen in this space, in every color, in every class, in every person that steps through the front doors. YOU are the most important detail.




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