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The End of Summer

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” - Seneca

With Labor Day passing, I have constantly seen and heard people reference the end of summer. To many, this is very disheartening. No more warm weather. No more weekends at the lake and no more cookouts in the backyard. It is easy to focus on that which has come to an end and forget that the end of one thing only means the beginning of another. Personally, fall has always been my favorite season because that means it is time for football, leaves to change color, sweatshirt weather, and apple orchards. I mean it does not get much better than that! 

Just like the seasons, we too experience endings and new beginnings. Sometimes we may experience pain, struggle, fear, or heartbreak through these endings. But as one of my favorite quotes says, “When God closes one door, he opens another”. God has a purpose and a reason for every ending he places within our lives. The best part about this is knowing that he has something even better in mind for us just waiting to begin. 

God, thank you for knowing when it is time for something to come to an end within our lives. May we always focus on the positivity that comes with these new beginnings. 

Amen, Brooke


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