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The Master Gardener

A flower doesn't know when it is time to be transplanted to new soil, but the gardener does. A plant does not know when the soil they have been resting in is no longer fertile, or simply the plant has stopped flourishing because there are no nutrients left. The plant simply just does not know. But, the gardener does.

Monthly, members are transplanted in and out of the doors of Hope Street. After a transplant, it takes time to recalibrate. It takes time to get rooted and ready for new growth. Just as new soil needs to be cultivated and nourished, so do people. We need more time in God’s Word, more time in prayer, more time to connect with the Master Gardener as we navigate transition. At Hope Street, we strive to nourish and refresh soil by providing opportunities so members can thrive. It is a difficult conversation when a member is no longer growing in this greenhouse, but our Gardener, He knows when it’s time for each of us to be transplanted. Sometimes we ask the question, “Why now?” but we press into Your truth - we are loved and known by You no matter where we go. Transplanting is hard, but yields such growth.

Father, today we ask that You, our gardener, survey our soil. Because our vision is so limited, we can not always see the plans You have for us. We ask that You plant us where You have planned for us to flourish in Your Name. We desire to live out Your calling for us and ask that You trim our branches, till our soil and transplant us as You see fit. As we transplanted, remind us to keep your eyes on You, the Master Gardener. You are faithful to go before us to cultivate the soil and help us root ourselves if we cling to You.

It’s not the one who plants or the one who waters who is at the center of this process but God, who makes things grow. 1 Corinthians 3:7




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