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The way, the TRUTH, the life

“As morning dawns I wake from sleep, I am yours Lord my soul you keep. Lead and guide me through the day. Direct my

thoughts, oh this I pray. Bless me with your special touch, I know you know this means so much. Through the maze of joy and sorrow, light my path until tomorrow”

This is a prayer from a cross I was gifted as a kid. I remember trying so hard to memorize it. I wanted to be able to hold the truth close to my heart throughout the day in case I needed some encouragement. Truth does that. Encourages us, reminds us, nourishes us and points us to rest in our Father’s good care.

A few weeks ago some volunteers at Serve Saturday wrote out different scripture passages on construction paper and hung them up on doors, in offices, anywhere they would be seen. I stop to read them each time I pass one, and I have seen others do the same. My prayer this week is simple:

Lord, may your truth give comfort to our weary hearts, rest for our troubled souls, and joy in the simplest of life’s moments. May we go slow enough throughout our day as to not miss an opportunity to read, soak in, and believe your truth.




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