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The Weak Made Me Strong

"We are healed by the poor and the weak, we are transformed by them if we enter into relationship with them, the weak and vulnerable have a gift to give to our world. They call us together, in unity and peace, to build community." - Jean Vanier

It feels like so many conversations, lately, have lingered in or around tragedy. The suddenness of Sabrina's passing, family drama for some of our members, cousins being shot, the fear of children crossing Capitol to get to the school bus after two children were struck and killed not far from here, friends of friends and people within my own family who are terminally ill - that very real and very heavy brokenness seems more than prevalent.

Still, within all of the mess there is a gift; this is a gift that can only come, as Evelyn Underhill puts it, within "the sacred privilege of the lowest place." It was in a conversation the Friday after the Family Reunion that this became clear. A person interested in volunteering at Hope Street had reached out and we met for coffee. We had a very real conversation about our mortality: that it is hard, that it hurts, and that it is happening in and around each of our lives. Her perspective was even more poignant, she has been fighting a terminal cancer. This conversation made so clear the privilege it is to share, to be vulnerable, to simply be with other people, dearly beloved by God, in the midst of great joy and deep sorrow. What a privilege we are all invited into right where we are at - to share and to hear.

Father God, this morning I pray for all of us who mourn, who deeply grieve the brokenness of the world that separates us by the deep chasm of death. I do not understand why or how this works, but I know that you are good. Father I pray for the peace of your goodness to cover us, to gather us and to comfort us until we find rest with you and our family who has already returned to you.

Amen, Coop. 


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